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In case of any emergencies, these applications can help you get in touch with your family members and navigate safely back home. In case you lose your phone, you can quickly get to know the real-time location of the phone. There are many other ways in which a GPS tracker on your phone can be useful. Out of all the applications, the safest one is KidsGuard Pro which is very effective in performing its functions. Most importantly, it comes with a 3-day free trial and has many other attractive features inbuilt apart from providing great GPS location tracking.

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Sign Up. Cody Walsh Last updated Oct 14, pm Track. KidsGuard Pro This is an excellent GPS location tracker application which ensures that you provide utmost security to your child in the digital world. Pros: Offers effective features to keep your loved ones safe. Provides the real-time location position tracking. Provides location history with date and time.

Is compatible with most of the latest cellular devices. Very easy to use. Let you keep an eye on most of the apps and all related activities. Cons: Offers only a 3-day trial after which you will have to pay to continue using its services. Try It Now View Demo 2. Spyzie This application can be used for monitoring your kid's activities to keep them safe. Pros: You can track the target device on your phone, tablet or even through a computer or laptop.

Cons: It is not compatible with the older models of Nokia and also with Bada phones. There is no free version of this application. Google Maps This is one of the most widely used free GPS phone tracker applications which come inbuilt in every Android phone. Pros: Free application which is very easy to use. Cons: Does not have any other feature other than tracking and navigating. You cannot access this if you do not know the Google login details of the target device. Price: Free 4. Life This is an excellent application which can be used by all the family members or a close group of friends to ensure safety of each other.

Pros: Effective location tracking with zero cost. Cons: The location will not be tracked if the target phone user does not want you to know the location. Other monitoring and tracking features are not included. Pros: Can give out accurate location of any phone on which it is installed. Cons: It sometimes shows a lag in showing the exact location. Very intrusive. Where's My Droid This is another excellent application which can be used to track the location of your Android phone in case you lose it.

Pros: Can easily detect a stolen phone and help you in recover the stolen phone. Cons: It earlier had the SMS feature which was very useful, the latest version doesn't have this feature. Unnecessary ads keep displaying while using this application. Not compatible with iPhone.

How Do I Use a Family Locator App?

After that you are in full control to share your location through messages as shown below. If you are seeking the way to track text messages and location remotely, your search ends at FoneMonitor.

How Does a Family Locator App Work?

The FoneMonitor is all-in-one monitoring software which can track any kind of information of the target device in remote and hidden mode. Even many companies used the FoneMonitor app to track the activity of their employees. It provides excellent tracking features that work superbly for Android as well as iPhone users. Go to the FoneMonitor official site and click on the "Sign up" button to create an account on the FoneMonitor. Enter the valid email id where you will get the FoneMonitor login credentials.

For this process, you need to enter the target name and age to track the data of the target device. Finally, choose the mobile platform and in this case, select "Android". If you are unable to install the app on the target device. Then, go to the "Settings" option and then, "Security". Find the "Unknown Sources" option. Once you find the option, enable it and again download the APK file.

Now, log-in to the app with email id that you have registered while making an account.

Now, grant all the necessary permissions that the app will ask such as location. It is important for the proper working of the app. Now, tap on the Monitoring button if you want that app work in hidden mode, then choose the option for that and app icon will be hidden from the target device. Now, you can open the FoneMonitor control panel and can monitor text messages of the target device remotely.

You can also monitor other data such as contacts, call logs, social media apps and many other things. There are various problems that people faced while using the Life Below are the some of the common problems. You could use an Android app to track location quite easily. Glympse is the perfect app if you are planning a day out or heading to a new place and want someone to keep tabs on you. Read our white paper to find out how DSNY keeps its drivers locked on route, even in the worst winter weather.

Unsure which solution is best for your company? One of these is Cerberus, a powerful and customizable anti-theft. Soothe him remotely when he misses you. Like many personal safety app, Family Locator and GPS tracker helps keep an eye on the current location your family members. My wife and I make sure the alert sound is off so they aren't ever reminded that yes, we are in fact aware of where they are when we want to know. I can't seem to figure out how to take it off the icon. Hellooooo PagerDuty.

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Life360 Alert Noise

When detected an alert is sent to the child's parent. Your browser does not allow you to contact us from this page because third party cookies are disabled. You can share your location with someone through the Messages app on your iPhone. WhatsApp will let you customize the notifications and alerts you receive so it's easy to know who is.

Life brings your family closer with smart features designed to protect and connect the people who matter most. Once the geo fence is put up, then when certain devices usually the slaves or sub-devices of the administrator device enter or exit that fenced area, an alert will be sent to the administrator either via sound, vibration, text, call or email. Tells me my son is speeding when he's not. Lock or erase your lost phone or computer If your phone, tablet, or laptop is lost or stolen, follow these steps to help secure your device.

Amber Alert's pocket-sized GPS unit measures just 7cm and its rechargeable lithium battery runs for up to 40 hours on a single charge. Life makes. Tech upgrades the personal panic button. Life how to block your location from your parents. When you press a button on this keychain, an extremely loud noise will go off, potentially scaring off an attacker. Find the support options to contact customer care by email, chat, or phone number. Datadog reduces the alert noise for IT support workers Datadog wants to make it a little less painful for DevOps and operations teams monitoring application performance issues.

When I downloaded this app it was full of bugs and did not work properly. Life Family Locator. Listen up, parents! Robots are capable of manipulating your children Robots can influence the opinions and decisions of children between , according to a study. Cancel Unsubscribe. Blacklist of bad companies and goods. Life is a smartphone app used by over 50 million people around the world to keep their families safe, together, and in sync. Alternatively, users could quickly report if you feel nervous along your route for any reason.

A kids gps tracker with voice calling and messaging. Visit Tizen Store if you are interested in popular or recent applications. The best parental-control apps for smartphones can help you track your kids, see whom they are communicating with, block kids from viewing objectionable or dangerous websites, and even help kids.

Some can even play the sound of police sirens and other emergency sounds and let the surrounding people know you're in danger.