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Lam Vien Main Dishes

Impeccable service, exquisite furnishings decor, lighting and serene classical music all create an atmosphere in which one feel spoilt and indulged. With minimalist furniture andarchitectural features, Lam Vien’s interior has a simple and elegant Asian "fusion" feel. The pre-selected menu was a simple selection of traditional Vietnamese dishes, which was delightful and satisfying. Our chef is ready to serve you the true authentic Vietnamese dining experience and Aisan fussion as well. Our food is cooked from heart and soui. APPERTIZER
- Appertizer Lam Vien (4 type of dishes)
- Appertizer Lam Vien (3 type of dishes)
- Lam Vien spring roll
- Fresh spring roll
- Special crab spring roll
- Seafood spring roll
- Fried pancake with shrimps & pork served with fresh salad leaves with rice paper
- Grilled pork Hue’s syles served with vegetables and rice paper
- Crispy-fried squid
- French fries
- Steam Prawns with coconut
- Steam Prawns with pasion fruit sauce
- Crispy-fried seabass SALADS
- Lam Vien’s fish salad
- Lotus salad mixed with prawn and squid
- Grilled duck breast with banana inflorescense salad
- Cattail salad cooked with sea cucumber
- Seafood salad
- Squid with lemon and salt sauce salad
- American beef with lemon and salt sauce salad

get link SALADS
- Sweet corn and crap meat soup
- Four taste soup
- Seafood soup
- Abalone & mushroom soup

- Grilled chicken with chili salt (served with rice)
- Grilled chicken with five spicies (served with rice)
- Grilled chicken breast with lemon leaf (served with bamboo-tube rice)
- Grilled duck with five spices (served with rice)
- Grilled duck with orange sauce
- Grilled seabass with Lam Vien special sauce
- Grilled red fish with chili salt
- Grilled pork rib with honey (served with rice)
- Grilled minced beef roll with leaves
- Grilled beef with lemon grass served with special Vietnamese cake called “banh hoi”
- Grilled American beef with black peper sauce
- Grilled prawn with dill sauce
- Grilled prawn with chili salt
- Grilled sunny squid with chili salt

- Fried red fish with Lam Vein sauce
- Fried prawn with Lam Vien salt
- Fried prawn with tamarind sauce
- Crispy fried solf shell crab with mint sauce
- Fried solf shell crab with salt
- Crispy fried seabass with sweet and sour sauce
- Crispy fried seabass with passion fruit sauce

- Sauted American beef with spicy sauce
- Sauted American beef with Lam Vien sauce
- Stir-fried pork rib with sweet and sour sauce
- Braised pork with fish sauce
- Stir-fried sunny squid withchili bean sauce
- Stir-fried sunny squid with white pepper
- Braised duck with dracontomelon (served with bread)
- Simmered tiger prawn with crab-roe (served with bread)
- Stir-fried prawn with king oyster mushrooms
- Simmered prawn with crab-roe
- Steam red fish with hoisin and chili bean
- Steam seabass with three tastes
- Sauteed seabass with pasion cream

- Fried rice with pinapple
- Fried rice with salted fishes and saltes duck egg
- Fried rice with seafood
- Fried rice with pork barbecue
- Fried rice with american beef steak and egg
- Fried rice with Lam Vien special squid style
- Fried rice with garlic
- Fried rice with vegetables and snow fungus
- Steam rice (small bowl)

- Stir-fried eggs noodles with duck
- Stir fried eggs noodles with seafood
- Stir-fried eggs noodles with pork barbecue
- Vietnamese noodle soup (Small bowl)
- Rice noodle with grilled pork
- Western north Vietnamese noodle cooked with seafood (noodle soup)
- Western north Vietnamese noodle cooked with pork barbecue (noodle soup)

- Stir-fried asorted vegatable with garlic
- Steam three colors of broccoli with oyster sauce
- Stir-fried morning glory with garlic
- Stir-fried morning glory with american beef
- Steam bok choy with oyster sauce
- Grilled eggplant with scallion sauce
- Stir-fried pergularia with beef (seasonal)

- Steam broccoli with abalon & prawn in Lam Vien bean
- Steam bok choy with abalon in Lam Vien sauce

- Sweet & sour soup of southern in Vietnam
- Bitter melon cooked with pork rib soup
- Red fish cooked with fresh galangel & shrimp paste

- Steam crab with salt
- Steam crab with Lam Vien sauce
- Fried crab with Lam Vien salt
- Fried crab wih tamarind sauce
- Steam big lobster served with pasion fruit sauce
- Grilled big lobster with cheese
- Big lobster sashimi served with soy sauce and mustard
- Steam small lobster served with pasion fruit sauce
- Grilled small lobster with cheese
- Sauteed small lobster with Lam Vien sauce
- Steam black grouper with soy sauce
- Fried black grouper with Lam Vien sauce
- Grilled white bass with dill sauce
- Grilled white bass with Lam Vien Sauce

- Seasonal fresh fruits
- Dried red apple & dried longane with sweet soup
- Fried banana with coconut milK
- Flan cake with coffee on top
- Cream bulee cake Lam Vien style
- Moc Chau yogurt with violet bultimous rice

(84) 2363-959-171 / 905-420-730
88 Tran Van Du, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang