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About Us

Lam Vien Restaurant 's History

Lam Vien Restaurant is located in a wooded garden. It modestly hidden where Tran Van Du road intersects with Che Lan Vien road. It is located in the coastal tourist center of Danang in My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, where many hotels and resorts where tourists often stay.

Lam Vien restaurant is a wooden house with unique architecture. It is used to the place for relaxing and socializing with friends. The owner’s husband wasa Dr of automation ,post-granduate in Canada and lecturer at Da Nang University of Science and Technology. His wife was a teacher of painting at Da Nang University of Pedagogy .

The building of this house came from expection of wife when she was young, she wanted to live in a wooden house under architecture of Thai people - ancient Vietnamese people. Most of thesehouses are located in the Western region of Nghe An province where she was born. At that time, Vietnam was a very difficult country.Although he was university lecturer, he was assigned the task of redesigning thegrid systems of the Central and the Central Highlands regions by the Department of VietNam Electricity. He was reponsible for the construction of the electrical grid projects. The constructions that he has done contributed to the development of the society. He helped the students to experience real working conditions, and he was able to fulfill his wife's dream to get the home she desired.

The wooden stilt house was once the home of three generations of descendants in the family. 30 years ago, the wife along with five carpenters have restored the house. They redesigned the details on the basis of previous basic architecture of the house with taking 3 years to comlete.

After a business trip, the husband had an accident, and was left with constant sadness about his wife. Her children know their mother's affection, her son had studied in France and her daughter had studied in Japan. After graduation , they came back to Vietnam and has decided to take care of the beauty of their parents' home as a place of pure Vietnamese cuisine for travelers to Danang. Lam Vien restaurant came from this idea.

The Lam Vien restaurant 's cuisine contains all the love and dedication of the owners of the house. We hope visitors to the Lam Vien restaurant will enjoy the food and the attentive service of the staff.

This is the basic outline definition of a house. Our staff will be provide more detailed description of the house if you're interested.

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(84) 2363-959-171 / 905-420-730
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88 Tran Van Du, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang